Nottingham Does Comics is a bi-monthly forum by and for anybody interested in reading, creating, publishing, selling or studying new work and new horizons in the comics medium. It is a platform where those curious about comics can explore and exchange ideas with established and aspiring practitioners, where the mainstream meets the indies, and where embryonic projects will be supported to find their wings.


Our evenings feature two or three guest presentations designed to inspire, with plenty of time for Q&As, chat and being sociable. They are free events but a £3 donation towards room hire will be appreciated.


At the Nottingham Writers Studio, NDC guest, Harriet Lander, invites discussion of different depictions of the archaic poet, Sapho, in 'Wonder Woman', Victorian painting and… 'My Little Pony'! (Photo by Matt Brooker)
At the Nottingham Writers Studio, NDC guest, Harriet Lander, invites discussion of different depictions of the archaic poet, Sapho, in ‘Wonder Woman’, Victorian painting and, seen here, ‘My Little Pony’! (Photo by Matt Brooker)



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UPCOMING - NDC at Nottingham Writers Studio

Tuesday 19th June 7:30pm

Paul McCaffrey‘s credits range from educational illustration for the likes of Macmillan, Heinemann and NME to comics work for IDW, Marvel, DC and Aces Weekly, via his own press strip, Omnivistascope. Tonight he’ll be cataloguing all the mistakes and boo-boos he’s made that have landed him where he is now!

Indie comics creator, Brick has been struggling with the sound effects for his latest opus, so he downed tools and set to researching the whole undervalued subject. The results might surprise, infuriate or excite you, but they’ll certainly entertain.

Josh Franks is the comics reviewer for Ink on-line magazine, so we’ve asked him to perform deep invasive surgery on a publication of his choice. Marvel’s Black Bolt by Ahmed, Ward & Cowles will be opened up for us to jump in and comment.

Looks like a full programme of fascinating stuff!

Despite having a different brief, Nottingham Does Comics acknowledges a debt to Laydeez-Do-Comics, the women’s-led comics forum that focuses on works based on life narrative, the drama of the domestic and the everyday.

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