Next meeting: Tuesday 26th May at 7 p.m. 

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Cara Holland and Sally Jane Thompson

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Comics in Quarantine 


We’re really excited to have teamed up with Nottingham Hackspace to present a special online event highlighting two local artists and writers who have been creating fantastic autobiographical comics and graphics to document their experiences of lockdown.

Cara Holland is the founder of Graphic Change and the author of best selling book Draw a Better Business. She has been working visually with companies as varied as Google and the NHS since 2006. Working with her wife she also set up the online Graphic Change Academy, which has trained people in 85 countries so far. During lockdown she has been journalling her experiences online, as well as inspiring creativity through #DrawFHClub, a series of weekly drawing prompts on Instagram and Twitter. 

Writer/artist Sally Jane Thompson has been recording the lockdown via autobiographical comics over the past two months, and will share some thoughts on the act of recording, processing experiences, and the beauty of the mundane. 

This event is free – please register online here!

Stay safe and see you soon… 


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During the ‘old normal’, meetings were usually held on the third Tuesday of odd-numbered months of the year, 7-8.45 pm, in the Waverley Lecture Theatre, Waverley Building, NTU.

Right now, things are a bit up in the air… 

Please get in touch if you have suggestions for speakers/panels/topics – including if you’re willing to speak yourself, either for a five-minute ‘this is really cool’ or ‘here’s my current project’ slot, or for something longer! 

Meanwhile, have fun with your comics!