Alan Moore Speaks

Okay, Alan Moore needs our support like God needs a fan club, but he is kinda local and every time he opens his mouth pearls issue forth, most particularly, in this case, his raison d’être for being so firmly rooted and growing in Northampton, something those of us in NDC committed to Nottingham can relate to.

This is a compelling series of eight five-minute films put together for the European culture platform ARTE (co-funded by German and French mainstream media, incidentally) that ranges across Alan’s thoughts on bug-bears like the death of culture, the scourge of Tony Blair, the curse of complexity and, predictably, Brexit (predictably because nobody on the continent can get their head round what the feck us Brits are playing at, and so ARTE were bound to ask the question of the great sage).

At some point in the future we are hoping to entice Alan to NDC, on the understanding we don’t splash his name across a banner trailed behind a Spitfire flying over Slab Square. So look out for some enigmatic blurb in our future events publicity, maybe sometime next year.