INK splashes onto your screen!


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Recently relocated to our parish, comics journalist Steff Humm brings with her the HQ for a new on-line comics mag called Ink. Developed during her MA years, Ink will be devoted to exploring our incredible but crazy medium in articles that are accessible to non-academics, by which I mean you won’t need a Dictionary of Esoteric Terms by your side. According to our own Stephen Holland from Page 45

“Steff Humm’s insight, eloquence and sense of perspective – of those graphic novels, comics and comic book creators deserving her coverage in depth – are each one of them impeccable. In addition to a contagious enthusiasm and broad knowledge of her chosen medium at its most contemporary, Humm is well versed in other media, giving her invaluable comparison points, and she’s not afraid to question sacred cows. Also, in an industry which remains male-centric in spite of the medium’s wealth of female creators, you will find Ink’s coverage refreshingly Equal Opportunities and unblinkered.”

Steff will be telling us all about it at our February 2017 meeting but, meantime, check out Ink here.