Nottingham Trent Uni Does Comics

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 18.03.36Those enterprising young zine fans at Nottingham Trent University have started a Comics, Cartoons and Creatives Society, about which they say…

“(It’s a) place where comic geeks, cartoon super fans and the creative types inspired regularly by both can meet up, talk comics, discuss team-ups, swap ideas and get the creative info on their fave characters and creative powers that be from people who are happy to spread the knowledge, the history and the inspiration.

“We have comic fans and artists alike, and try our damnedest to create enjoyable opportunities for both to meet and share there geekdom. We put on digital art workshops at Confetti and organise member ‘drink and draws’ alongside mini sequential story doodling. We aim to have more lendable comics soon through new help and founders, and thus to hold more shareable comic book club meetings. We are young and still very new, but passionate about helping new creatives, cartoon-lovers, comic geeks and of course all that share the same of each be more aware of their nerdy communities and new friendships that are on offer.   

“New/war hardened students fresh and fearless..come on and get involved!”

Sounds good to us townies (if a tad grammatically stumbling) and definitely worth supporting!